What is a Private Blog Network?With the advent of personal blogs came the realization that the average user could make money sitting at home and writing on their computer. This was thrilling for most people who decided to open a home blog to sell their products, advertise their services, or write for other companies. For some users though, the draw of making more money that possible by simply blogging is really appealing, and so the Private Blog Network (PBN) was born.

Imagine a way that you could direct users to your money making blogs, have control over the links to your blog, and have the ability to scoop up expired blogs to use in your enterprise. These three advantages to a PBN are some of the reasons some users decide to create one. All SEO carries some risk, and the a PBN is no different, but when handled correctly, a PBN can be a wonderful way to make extra money and drive business to your site.

A PBN is simply a network of blogs that you own that are linked together for a common purpose. As the owner of the sites, you are in charge of making sure that the content is of a high caliber and that the information provided is something you enjoy writing about. Then, by placing links to a money-making site in your articles, you are able to easily and quickly drive traffic to your site.

The links you place can be personalized to your blog and to the readers – you’re not at the mercy of another writer to come up with the links themselves. And, when you buy an expired website, you are essentially buying their reputation and name. By leveraging this to your advantage you can quickly begin sending more business your way. The build-in authority from the expired blogs you purchase and revive is something expensive to buy, much less create.

Of course, all link building carries risk, and you may be asked sometime down the line to remove some of your links that you’ve created. If you are told to remove some of the links in your PBN, you can quickly and easily do so. Asking another blog to remove links to your site is a time consuming and difficult process. This way you only have to deal with yourself and can quickly rectify any problems.

PBN is not considered a white hat style SEO, but when done correctly allows you control over your network and blog. The time and initial monetary investment to create a PBN can be a turn-off for some people, but for the right person with ambition and a desire to create, it can be a wonderful way to make some money and increase your blog’s online presence.

A PBN is a wonderful way to link business to your money making blog. Just be sure that when you create one you don’t put all your eggs in one basked. The PBN should be just one portion of your efforts to build links. Keep building your online brand and presence and use the PBN as a small portion of outside visitors. By working on building your content and doing outreach to other blogs and companies, the PBN will be one wonderful tool you can use. Read more or purchase private blog network links here.


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