Are PBNs Effective?If you’re interested in accessing grey hat SEO solutions which will allow you to enjoy superb link-building for affordable prices, then private blog networks will be effective options. Today, we’d like to share information about what these types of blog networks are and how they provide entrepreneurs with the potential to boost their Google rankings.

While most grey hat search engine optimization techniques do come with a degree of risk, most online businesspersons find that the risk of using private blog networks is well worth taking. These networks should be used in a proper manner, with a mind to minimizing risk and boosting benefits.

What Are Private Blog Networks, Anyway?

Private blog networks are also known as PBNs and they are networks of websites which are composed of domains which have expired. Usually, the expired domains are of the authority type, as Google gives more weight to domains from “high authority” websites.

To set up a PBN which helps you to access higher search engine rankings, you’ll need to be sure that your network includes choice domains. There are different ways to find domains, such as auctions for domains, expired domain “scrapes” and purchase of domains via vendors. Once you’ve got your domains, you’ll need to register them privately in order to erase your footprint. In other words, they shouldn’t trace back to your company or to your name.

An easier solution is to buy into an existing PBN. A lot of companies offer these services. There are big co-ops of networks which have plenty of paying members and these big networks do allow for impressive SEO gains.

If you want a low-effort and cost-effective PBN strategy, joining a successful network will allow you to access the search ranking-boosting advantages of private blog networks, without needing to buy the domains and do the network setup and footprint erasing on your own.

Is a Private Blog Network Right for You?

These networks are about boosting search engine rankings. If this is what you want and you don’t mind taking a slight risk, we really recommend this type of SEO technique. It’s used extensively by entrepreneurs all over the world. They understand the benefits and they know that the cost of setting up these networks or becoming members of existing PBN networks is an investment in online business success.

The key to unlocking the best benefits from private blog networks is choosing high-authority domains for a new network, or selecting an existing network which gets tangible results for its members. A little research and homework will pay off.

Now that you have the inside scoop on private blog networks, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not they are right for your needs. Hopefully, our quick guide has given you the hard facts that you need. In our opinion, these types of networks are very effective choices and they offer entrepreneurs practical SEO benefits which are accessible quickly. In other words, they have the power to drive Web traffic and sales to your main business website.

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